LCW 4 - Opening the Lunar Frontier


The 4th international workshop on Lunarcubes

(LCW 4) will bring together scientists, engineers, investors and entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the fastest moving and most exciting missions in planetary science and the Lunar Frontier. This workshop is about raising capital, building teams, creating technologies and making discoveries now, not a decade from now. If you want to know what technologies are available today or what opportunities will be available tomorrow, you need to attend LCW 4 in person or via the Internet.


4th International Workshop on LunarCubes

October 7-10, 2014 - Mountain View, CA


Preliminary Schedule of Topics by Day

Tuesday - Science (Why)

  • Particles & Plasmas (ARTEMIS & LADEE follow up)
  • Volatiles and Ices
  • TAPs - Transient Asteroids and Planetesmals (See attached)
  • Evening - Posters and Networking

Wednesday - Technology (What)

  • Instruments
  • Subsystems - Mechanics, Electronics and Software
  • LunarCube Busses
  • Evening - Keynote Banquet

Thursday - Missions and Systems (How)

  • Carriers ( TAPs & MULE )
  • Swarms
  • Mission Ops and Infrastructure in Cislunar Space
  • Evening - V.I.P.P. Dinner  

Friday - Astropreneurship (Cha Ching)

  • Funding
  • Teams
  • Profits and Markets


* All topics are subject to change.


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